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Sipcam Australia has always taken the approach that we would never enter a market segment if we didn’t have something new and interesting to offer - after all our motto is ‘Innovation not Imitation’. Through the international footprint and relationships of Sipcam, along with local acquisitions, this has been able to be achieved in Australia. With world leading amino acid chelate technology, and an innovative approach to existing technologies, Sipcam can deliver a complete range of products to meet all applications. Through Sipcam’s close partnerships with rural distribution and its purpose-built nutrition facilities we deliver high quality service and products to meet your specific and changing needs.
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Sipcam’s Sulfate based fertilisers are high analysis and cost effective, allowing for the most cost-effective solution to nutritional deficiencies. Our range of liquid fertilisers is designed for furrow injection, foliar and fertigation applications and are rapidly absorbed by the plant, allowing for immediate correction of discovered nutritional deficiencies.
  • Zincsol
  • Mangsol
  • Copsol
  • Multisol
  • Multisol ZMC
  • Multisol ZM
  • Multisol MC


Humisol is a combination of sulfate based nutrients with our specifically formulated humate for use in furrow injection applications. Humisol combines the benefits of a high analysis liquid fertiliser with the benefits of Humate in a concentrated form specifically formulated to be stable in both alkaline and acidic tank mixes.
  • Humisol
  • Humisol ZMC
  • Humisol Zinc

Amino Boss

Exclusive to Sipcam, our Amino Boss range of liquid fertilisers has been scientifically formulated to be 100% chelated and high loading. Amino Acid forms bidentate chelates with micronutrients, protecting them and changing the way plants recognise the micronutrient. Amino Acid Chelates are taken up through the plant’s protein channels generating fast and energy efficient uptake with each amino acid providing its own specific benefit in the plant.
  • Amino Boss Zinc
  • Amino Boss Mananese
  • Amino Boss Copper
  • Amino Boss ZM 55
  • Amino Boss ZMC 531
  • Amino Boss ZMC 242
  • Amino Boss ZMC 351
  • Amino Boss MC 62
  • Amino Boss Boron
  • Amino Boss Moly
  • Amino Boss Magnesium
  • Amino Boss Iron

Xtreme EDTA

Xtreme is a range of Sodium Free EDTA chelates and is the strongest chelation agent available for plant nutrition. Xtreme delivers the additional benefit of plant available potassium plus ammonium as substitutes for sodium allowing for excellent compatibility and delivery of the nutrient to the plant.
  • Xtreme Zinc
  • Xtreme Manganese
  • Xtreme Copper
  • Xtreme ZMC
  • Xtreme MC